Founding Members

Each member of The Paige Project has a direct or close affiliation to children who have unfortunately been born with Cerebral Palsy. More importantly though, each of the members are close friends with one another and the families. Having spent so much time together through school and through life thereafter, an extremely close bond has thus been created through which all members wish to dedicate a great deal of their time to making a difference in the world.

David Barson (Chairman) and James Barson, (Director) are brothers and have both been blessed with the beauty that is Paige. Paige, who is James’s daughter, is the inspiration that gave birth to The Paige Project and together with their families, have dedicated themselves to Paige and furthermore the cause that is Cerebral Palsy.

Grant Nock, (Director/Treasurer) and Theo Bierman (Director) are both friends of David. Grant and David met in school and have since then stuck together. Due to Grant being such a big part in the Barson family, has also dedicated himself to The Paige Project not only for Paige herself but for others in similar need and more.

Theo Bierman also has a close affiliation to Cerebral Palsy. Theo’s niece, who attends The New Hope School, was also born with Cerebral Palsy. Although not as severe as Paige, her Cerebral Palsy has limited her throughout life and without associations such as The Paige Project, children such as Paige, Theo’s niece Sian and many others might not have the life they all could.