Wheelchair Donations

In 2010, wheelchair donations went to 2 children with Cerebral Palsy. The first child we helped was 3 year old Lwando on 7th October 2010. He was abandoned at the Nazareth house in Yeoville with Sister Agnes. They had no idea how to treat a child with CP and we got wind that he was there and in need of help. We quickly moved in and with the help of our specialist physio therapist, measured him up and got him fitted into a chair which will help his development for many years to come. (Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos of him in the chair due to children’s rights). Since he received his chair, Lwando has been able to sit unaided.

The next day we handed over another gift to 6 year old Xolisa from Butterworth in the Eastern Cape. He too has already shown progress in his development. (Fortunately his mother signed a release form for us so here he is in his chair).