Piza eVino | Kids Day Out 2011

The day was a huge success and this can mainly be attributed to Piza eVino. Their management and staff got involved way beyond the call of duty and made the day something very special for the kids. The main objective of the day was to treat our CP friends to a really great day out and show people that arranging something as small and simple as a day like that had the capabilities of not only bringing a smile to some-ones face but helping others pull together as a team to support those less fortunate. Below is a letter we received from Piza eVino after the event, it is testament to how it changed their lives.

Hi Dave 

I can’t begin to tell you much that day effected us as a team and you have had a profound effect on all of us. What you guys do for them is amazing and we will gladly have them back anytime again. 

From all of us a Piza e Vino we say thank you to you for granting us the opportunity of meeting them all.