Current Initiatives

Our primary goal for 2012 is to raise funds to open our own centre for Cerebral Palsy in Johannesburg. The Centre will allow our fellow NPO Organisation Malamulele Onward, the chance to move in to a building that is purpose built for their needs and the needs of the children and caregiver who attend the centre.

Many of the children who we find in the rural areas are brought to Johannesburg for additional therapy and the centre hopes to not only service these children but local children as well. It will be the first dedicated in/out patient centre purely catering to the needs of Cerebral Palsy.


Other Initiatives

The Paige Project is dedicated to finding any children suffering from Cerebral Palsy that are in need of equipment or therapy to improve their quality of life. Many of these children under the age of 4 have not been provided the necessary equipment from the government that they require, mainly due to a lack of funding. The first 3 years of a CP child’s life are the most important for their development, thus it is imperative that these children receive the correct equipment and therapy to improve not only their quality of life, but their chance of living as close to a normal life as possible.

The Paige Project has set up relationships with two of the largest wheel chair and orthopedic chair manufacturers in South Africa. From this we receive specialist chairs at a discounted rate and are currently in the process of starting to revamp second hand chairs to be used again.